Specialized Supplemental Insurance to Fill the Gaps in Healthcare Plans

Founded in 1936, State Mutual Insurance serves the rural heartland of America with supplemental policies designed to cover gaps in standard medical insurance plans. Our policy areas cover critical illness events for cancer, heart attack and stroke, accidents, and chronic sickness.

Working with a large and broad base of customers, we primarily serve seniors living in rural and small-town communities – farmers and other good-hearted people who trust and share our values. Our kinship with this market comes from decades of customizing supplemental policies that uniquely fit their needs. Like many of our customers, we too are based in a small community (Rome, Ga.), allowing us to truly understand their singular goals and dreams.


As a mutual life and health insurance company, we are owned by our policyholders. Therefore, we share in working toward the best interests of our customers.


Despite our relatively smaller size, State Mutual ranks among the largest insurance companies in the country based on financial stability and surplus-to-asset ratios, according to Standard Analytics, an independent industry rating firm. We are a strong company with the confidence of always being there for our customers, responding quickly and promptly paying their claims.

Our Marketing Partner – Platinum Supplemental Insurance

State Mutual carefully selects reputable, highly rated partners like Platinum Supplemental Insurance to support and expand our offerings of supplemental protection products. Indeed, our two companies share the same values of integrity, passion and customer service with deep roots in the rural marketplace.

Platinum Supplemental Insurance is the largest marketer of our products. Like State Mutual, Platinum has long offered cost-effective, benefit-rich supplemental insurance products and first-class customer service to rural families throughout America. Committed to its mission to provide customers the best insurance products and services, Platinum carries an A+ accredited business rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Platinum also provides the highest level of technical support with advanced software that tracks and updates the needs of our rural and small-town customer base – all with the focus on delivering the best possible service.